SBD: Default Destinations

Where do you want to go?

Default data endpoint destinations for all devices can be applied at an account level.

  • Clicking on the stack icon will apply the default destination settings to all of your devices.

When creating a new destination you can select to send data to:

  • Direct IP (Socket connection)
  • Email
  • IMEI of another device

The default destinations for a customer using extended Rock Seven CORE features.


Direct IP MO Acknowledgement

If this is switched on then we will require a timely acknowledgement from your server. Failure to return an acknowledgement will result in data being resent to your server.

If MO Ack is not required then all data is assumed delivered on the first attempt.


Cloudloop and Live Data

If you wish to view data from a device in cloudloop's Live Data tool it must have CLOUDLOOP set as one of its destinations.