BGAN: Overview

BGAN & BGAN M2M Overview

We support post paid BGAN, and BGAN M2M plans including Standard Plans, Standard +, BGAN Link and SCAP plans. Cloudloopp currently does not support BGAN Pre-paid plans, if you have a pre-paid requirement please contact one of our account or sales team who will be happy to help.

Key concepts and terminology

In the Cloudloop platform we have a number of key concepts and some terminology that it is useful for you to understand when using the platform.

  • Subscribers (These represent your devices, SIM cards, associated plans and current status).
  • Plans (These are the commercial plans available on your account).
  • Usage Groups (These are alerting and suspension rules to help you manage devices).
  • Agreements (These represent contract commitments based on your plans, and can either be single plans or shared plans over a term).
  • Profiles (These define your network and firewall rules, please not that these can only be set-up by our support team).

Activating Devices

In the Cloudloop platform we use a Set-up Wizard to guide you through the creation of a subscriber and then activating it. You will need to have set-up your usage groups, profiles, and have plans available on your account in order to be able to activate your devices.


Activating Devices in Advance

Currently it is not possible to activate devices in advance, however, we are happy to do this on your behalf. Please contact the support team at [email protected] you can schedule this for you.