What's an Agreement

An Agreement represents an instance of a Plan within a prescribed time period; this enables Cloudloop to support sophisticated plan mechanics - e.g. inclusive allowances that span multiple months, pooled usage between Subscribers and other automatic behaviours etc.

Agreements are created (or Enacted) with a Plan - they run for a fixed period of time (as defined by the Plan’s inclusive period) the start date is aligned to the start of the Network’s billing cycle.

Once Enacted, the Agreement can be used to Activate the Subscriber.

Each Agreement has a configurable “Overflow Behaviour” that determines what action is taken when the inclusive allowance associated to the Agreement is consumed - WARN, SUSPEND or RENEW. The RENEW option will automatically end the current Agreement and enact a new Agreement, which will (depending on the Plan) provide a new inclusive allowance.

Usage data is periodically retrieved from the Network and rated immediately to facilitate itemised visibility of usage, enabling the monitoring of Agreements in near real-time. It’s also possible to configure multiple additional usage monitoring behaviours as required - for example: at 90% of usage send a warning email, at 100% automatically Suspend the Subscriber etc.

Each Agreement has an “Expiry Behaviour” that determines which automatic action is taken at the end of the Agreement - RENEW, SUSPEND or DEACTIVATE.